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Saltwater Band  Biography

Deadly Awards’ 2009 winners of ‘Band Of The Year’. The Saltwater Band consists of eight musicians from remote Elcho Island off the coast of North East Arnhem Land. Their two albums, Gapu Damurrun and Djarridjarri/Blue Flag showcase two styles of contemporary indigenous music.

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Contemporary traditional songs (such as ‘Gopuru’ and ‘Mala Rrakala’) that sound as though they were written yesterday but in fact are over 10,000 years old, and new contemporary pop songs such as the reggae/ska influenced ‘Saltwater Music’ and the beautiful ‘Gurrumul History’. The Saltwater Band is Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu, the bands most experienced member having toured extensively in the days when he was a member of Yothu Yindi and a major contributor to that band’s very successful Tribal Voice Album.

Gurrumul is a brilliant musician and outstanding songwriter. Saltwater Band has given Gurrumul the opportunity to further highlight and develop his songwriting talents in his own band.

The other major influence in Saltwater Band is Manuel Nulupani Dhurrkay, lead singer, and with Gurrumul a major song writing influence for the Band. Manuel’s strong vocal leads set the tone for the Saltwater Band’s unique harmonies Geoffrey and Manuel write songs both to entertain and educate their audience about the strong traditional ties they have with their land their culture and their people.

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